Sunday, October 27, 2013

September 2013

Tim investigates an oil leak on the Cessna 150.

What's happening at Trinity Aviation Academy?

One of our students, Jessica, flew by herself (soloed) for the first time several weeks ago and has been moving swiftly though her training. We expect her to be a licensed pilot in the next couple of months. Another student, Tim, is preparing for his practical test to get his pilot license.
We continue to perform maintenance and inspections on the airplanes. Our primary training aircraft, the Cessna 150, has been working hard and serving well. Praise God! Our other training aircraft, the Piper Cherokee, suffered some damage a few months ago and is in the process of being repaired. We hope to have it flying again next month.
Lord willing, we will have a couple of new students joining us next month. With our expanding student body the facility construction is becoming critical. Please pray that all of the building inspections will go well so that the construction may continue.

Update on the Swinefords:

The house we are buying was delayed in closing, but we finally closed. Now that the closing is complete there is work we are doing on our new place. The well water system needs to be repaired, and the kitchen ceiling will need to be reinsulated and dry-walled, and new flooring will need to be installed.
We are still in the process of selling our current home. There are a lot of houses for sale in our area. Many of these are short sales and foreclosures. We just finished some extensive landscaping in front of our house to make it more attractive. Please be praying that we will find a buyer soon!

Answered prayers!

A few months ago I had to take Ruthy in to the ER for an extremely painful kidney stone. The cost for the ER visit was exorbitant. We applied to the hospital for financial aid. They decided to forgive 100% of the amount we owed and the physician service matched this for us, so that the amount we paid for the visit was about $180 (for the CT scan) instead of the estimated $14,700 (not a typo). God is so good! Thank all of you for your prayers and generous financial support!

MAF Intership

We have applied to MAF for an internship which will likely happen in the first part of next year. We don’t know where they will send us, but we have asked to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. We will keep you updated on this in future prayer letters.
Academy director Dan and prospective student David prepare the engine to be installed on the Piper Cherokee.

Prayer requests:

  • Direction for the school as we continue to make important desicions.
  • Diligence for me as I seek to get my Instrument Instructor rating.
  • God's continued provisions and additional partners for us and the other missionaries at Trinity.
  • That I would be able to work full time at Trinity Aviation Academy.
  • We have applied to MAF for an internship (2-3 months long) early next year. Please pray for us to discern God's will in this matter.
  • The second job continues to be a challenge-- continue to pray that I will have the wisdom to deal with this.
  • That we will be good stewards of ALL that we have.
Our children, Esther and Isaac, having fun.
Jessica has rebuilt the nose wheel for the Piper Cherokee and prepares to install it.
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