Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 Newsletter

Greetings and blessings to our partners in God’s work,

What’s happening at Trinity?:

            Trinity made the decision to temporarily suspend training students in order to finish construction and administrative tasks. We believe completing these tasks will help training go faster. We plan to restart maintenance and flight training the beginning of next month.

What am I doing during this time?:

            I have been helping my wife, Ruth, with our new son Isaac who was born December 2nd and our 21 month old daughter Esther. Right now at Trinity I am primarily doing maintenance. I am studying for my Instrument Instructor rating. This will allow me to expand who I can teach. I will be able to use my VA benefits to pay for it.  I am looking for a part time job in addition to my work at Trinity to supplement our income. This will help us while we wait for God to grant us more support partners.  I also used this time to complete the little projects that needed to be done on our house. I am keeping very busy.

Answered prayers!:

            Ruth’s labor at home went extremely well and fast. This was especially an answered prayer for Ruth’s mom who was concerned about the baby being born out of the hospital. The last bit of the pregnancy migraine went away within an hour of Ruth giving birth.

We have made great progress on our house thanks to the help of our immediate and church family. We don’t know whether we will be selling or renting it, but it is ready.

Since we sent out our first prayer letter in September we have raised just under $500 per month in support.  Some of this was from one-time gifts, and some have committed to supporting us monthly.  We are very grateful to those of you who are supporting us both with finances and prayer. This is a great start! We still have a ways to go.  Our current living expenses are $3500 per month and we are actively looking for ways to reduce this!  This is a little less than half of the amount we will need to raise when we go overseas.

Prayer requests:

  • Direction for the school as we continue to make important decisions. 
  • Guidance in finding a part time job that will give me experience that is applicable for the mission field.
  • Diligence for me as I seek to get my Instrument Instructor rating. 
  • God’s continued provisions and additional partners for us and the other missionaries at Trinity.

We hope to send out prayer cards with our support letters next month. More information is available on my internet blog at http://andyruthy.blogspot.com/.  You can e-mail me at andrew_swineford@hotmail.com or call me at 253-951-4118. If you can support us financially please sends checks to: Original Design Ministries P.O. box 367 Eatonville, WA 98328 with my name in the memo line.

Thank you and May God bless you,
          Andy, Ruthy, Esther, and Isaac

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